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APT Important Announcement date 01-JUNE

Creator: guojb       Date:2017-09-11
Since the date of announcement Highlander agents has no right to issue COC certificate on board, No matter whether the ship owner or authorized agent need the COC or not, the VDR/SVDR APT files must be uploaded to the Highlander APT server. Any agent acting in violation of the above requirements will immediately and permanently cancel the authorized inspection qualification **************************************** 自本公 告发布之日起任何海兰信代理无权在船上直接签发COC,无论是否需要COC,凡检验海兰信VDR 设备的 代理必须将检验资料上传至海兰信APT 网站进行资料审核,如有违 反将立即并永久取消检验资质。 **************************************** Beijing Highlander Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Service Dept 11.Sep.2017
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